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My name is Matt and I am the Pastor at Conerstone Church. I’m a husband to Sarah, and father to Daniel and Elizabeth. We are passionate about the the gospel and seeing the love of Jesus change lives. Would you help us to see that change in our community?

Come along this Sunday to see what we’re all about, we’d love to see you!



We care about families

Cornerstone is a church for the whole family. From birth to old age, there is something here for you. Our services are inclusive of all age groups, learning and worshiping together as the whole body. Jesus said “let them come to me!” and we say the same. Don’t worry about noise, or disruption, out church services are for all.


We meet to worship together

Sunday at 10.30am and 7.00pm.

 Cornerstone Church, 123 St Peters Way, Reddish, Stockport


Various community activities

based in the Church complex.

 Cornerstone Church, 123 St Peters Way, Reddish, Stockport




Find answers to life’s big questions: Is there a God? Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Jesus’ Resurrection and our response?


"Cornerstone has been the perfect place for my family. We have been so blessed by the fellowship and sense of community"

James Veer

"Unlike churches I have attended previously, this place really provides so many opportunities for me and my husband. We both have a place to serve and contribute to the activities"

Sue Jones

"Worship is great, teaching is great, people are great!"

Dan Evans

"Beautiful people all coming together for the kingdom's cause. Who could ask for more?"

Evelyn Hughes

What’s on

Newcomers buffet – 10th

Newcomers buffet – 10th

A lunch for anyone who has stared coming to Cornerstone in the last 6 months or so. Please click below to sign up.

Starting Point – 15th

Starting Point – 15th

Starting Point is a 4 week course for those investigating the Christian faith from Genesis to Jesus and focuses on 4 key themes: 1. Is there a God and why am I here? 2. What's wrong with our world and does God care? 3. Why did Jesus have to die? 4. Did Jesus rise...

Northern Men’s Convention – 4th

Northern Men’s Convention – 4th

Even since the last NMC the assaults on orthodox Christian teaching, and morality, especially in the area of sexuality, seem to have increased at an alarming rate. There is for many a feeling of despair and even fear about standing up and speaking out. This can result...


2345 Cornerstone St
Reddish, Stockport

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